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The  English Reformation was a 16th century movement aiming at Reform of the Roman Catholic Church and for curbing the authority of the Pope over the Church. This moment was associated with the European protestant  and Reformation a wider   religious and political Movement. In Western Europe, Catholic Church had become politically powerful.The corrupt clergymen established control over people by exploiting their religious beliefs, by selling of indulgence for salvation, by prompting people for pilgrimages and other such activities.Churches  became centers of corruption  due to increase in political power and accumulation of material wealth. This instigated activists  like Martin Luther and John Calvin to initiate Church Reform movement. Martin Luther King laid the foundation of this movement in 1517 with the publication of this his book “The Ninety-five These”.Edmund Spenser, Sir Thomas Moore and other reformers contribute substantially for reformation of English Church through their writings. The Reformation resulted in split of Christianity and converted much of the northern Europe to Protestantism. Protestantism believed in attainment of Salvation through individual faith,therefore its followers in emphasized  the need for every individual to read the Bible. This encouraged the translation of Bible into Vernacular languages and improve the literacy rate enormously. This also checked the powers and role of clergy who otherwise acted as intermediaries between man and his attainment of salvation. The spread of this movement abolished papal authority and corruption of clerics. It also helped the decline of feudalism.Most importantly it laid the foundation of intellectual progress by awakening the common man.Consequently new knowledge and ideas were propagated, printing press was invented, America was discovered and great literature was written. William Tyndale translated Bible into English from Greek and Hebrew.Edmund  Spencer wrote “The Faerie Queen” to express his desire for reform of Roman Catholicism. Sir Thomas Moore through these “Utopia” imagined an island where all religions coexist harmoniously and tolerance is practiced.

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