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Simple home remedies for acidity

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Who doesn’t like food..  Some people are very fond of food, but move towards eating, pull their hands back … even if with impunity. Because they feel chaotic or acidic by eating. Today the problem of acidity has become a causes of being unhealthy.

What is acidity (What is Acidity?)

In Ayurveda, hyperacidity is called acidosis and in common language it is also known as bile. A person gets acidity due to consuming spicy, hot and spicy food. Disease arises due to imbalance of defects in Ayurveda. Due to excess increase or decrease of a defect, the defects come in an unbalanced state and give healing. Acidity in the bile mainly increases bile defects and produces acidity due to which a person feels chest irritation and sour belching.

Causes of acidity:

There are many reasons for acidity in which they are major-

Eating highly chili-spicy and oily.

Re-digesting food without eating previously eaten.

On consuming more acid substances.

Not getting enough sleep can also cause hyper acidity.

Being hungry for too long also causes acidity.

By taking medicines like Painkiller for a long time.

Pregnant women also have acid reflux problems.

By excessive intake of salt.

Excess intake of alcohol and caffeine-rich substances.

Eating more and falling asleep while eating.

Due to over-smoking.

Sometimes, due to excessive stress, the food does not digest properly and there is a problem of acidity.

Nowadays farmers use many types of pesticides and fertilizers to grow crops, due to which these toxic chemical foods reach the body through food materials and cause stomach related diseases.

Symptoms of acidity:

Although the basic symptom of acidity is the production of gas in the stomach, but there are other symptoms which are common-

Chest irritation that persists for a few hours after a meal.

Sour bursts often even come with a bite to eat.

Excessive belching and bitter taste in mouth

stomach enlargement

Nausea and vomiting

Sore throat

Bad breath

Head and stomach pain

Restlessness and hiccups

Simple home remedies to get rid of stomach gas or acidity: –


During feeling acidity, chew some ginger in the mouth and drink hot ginger water. Due to its anti-inflammatory elements relaxes the stomach from the problem of the acidity.

Cold milk

Calcium-rich milk calms the acidity pain. When someone feels stomach pain or burning due to acidity, he should drink a glass of cold milk at the same time. If you are getting acidity from eating more spicy food then you should consume cold milk. A glass of calcium-rich milk helps to overcome the problem of acidity. Also, calcium-rich anti-acid tablets and helps in reducing calcium acidity.

Milk stabilizes gastric acid in the stomach. Milk contains calcium, which prevents the formation of stomach acid.


Fennel has gastrointestinal properties, which strengthens the digestive system and reliefs in acidity. Anyone can chew it after eating food.


Amla rich in vitamin-C gives relief in stomach pain, gas, bloating, and acidity. You consume it daily. Along with Amla relaxes the stomach and it is benefit in beautiful hair and skin.


 Jaggery enhances digestion and makes our digestive system more alkaline, thus reducing the acidity of the stomach. You can suck a small piece of jaggery after eating. Since jaggery also helps in maintaining normal body temperature, and keeps the stomach cool.


Bananas contain natural antacids that act as buffers against acids. This is the simplest solution to get rid of acidity. If there is more acidity problem then eat one banana per day to get rid of it. People should eat bananas regularly for getting rid of a lot of acidity.



 Cinnamon works as a natural antacid and can organize your stomach by improving digestion and absorption. You can drink cinnamon tea to relieve acidity.


Celery has been used for many centuries as an Indian spice, but celery is not just a spice, it is rich in many medicinal properties. It is also very beneficial in acidity. Fry a little celery and cumin with acidity.


Asparagus root is very beneficial for acidity. If the powder of its roots is boiled in cow’s milk and given to the patient suffering from acidity, then fast relief is achieved. Licking the powder of asparagus roots with honey also provides rapid benefits.


Fenugreek removes all stomach and intestinal problems. To avoid the problem of acidity, eating some grains of fenugreek on an empty stomach every morning is beneficial. Or make a mixture of fenugreek and buttermilk drink. By doing this, all stomach diseases, including acidity, will disappear.


In case of acidity, consume pineapple juice filled with enzymes. If you feel stomach full and heavy after eating, then drinking half a glass of fresh pineapple juice ends all discomfort and acidity.


Tomato contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin-C. This removes bacteria from the body. Tomato is sour in taste, but it increases the amount of alkali in the body. There is no complaint of acidity from regular intake of tomatoes.


It contains plenty of water. This is its only quality which protects you from acidity. So it keeps you hydrated. Also helps in lowering the pH levels. Which reduces the problem of acidity. Watermelon contains plenty of anti-oxidants and fiber.

Coconut water

You can consider coconut water as nectar for your body. Yes, coconut water is helpful in removing all toxins from your body. Coconut also removes the problem of acidity.

Black pepper and lemon

Black pepper and lemon are very good in acidity. In acidity, a glass of lukewarm water, a pinch of black pepper powder and half a lemon squeezed should be drunk regularly in the morning. By doing this, the stomach remains clean and there is benefit in acidity.

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