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See these 10 pictures of Maldives, don’t you mind

by alwaysbecheerful_admin

A water-covered world from all sides if you do not experience your stay at a private beach resort near the beautiful beaches in the Maldives, then going on a Maldives honeymoon is useless. You can swim in the blue water with a romantic boat ride or enjoy the air of Bioluminescent Beach with Glow-in-the-Dark-Beach. Everyone can do more things for enjoying in Maldives on the beach. There are no islands like to be missed – Male Island, Hulhumele Island, Biadhu Island, Fihalohi Island, Mafushi Island and more, all type of islands have their own specialty and activities so anyone can enjoy the tour of such water country.

Maldives, most water heaven alike places where everyone can feel the beauty of enjoy, the most beautiful places in the world. The land area of Maldives is almost one percent have land, the rest 99 percent are water. The weather here is also always pleasant. This place is great for summer. If you were asked to define ‘blue’, what would you answer? If you want to take help of the dictionary, he says, blue means the color between green and purple, like the color of the sky or the sea on a blooming day. If you want an easy answer, then you can say blue means Maldives. Here the water shines in many shades of blue.

There are almost 1200 islands, all the beaches look beautiful more than others but the truth is that almost anywhere else on earth, It is the best place for honeymoon; therefore it is always at the top of their wish list.

Romance is a big business in Maldives and most of the travelers are on their honeymoon journey just like the romance of Maldives. Every hotel and hotel staff is busy serving new couples. If honeymoon is a celebration of your love for you, and you are looking for an intimate and secluded place to express it, then Maldives is the best background in the world for all these things.

Water sport

There is a huge amount of water therefore you can enjoy water sports, so Maldives is known for the of place for scuba driving. If you are staying in a resort in Maldives, then scuba diving and other water sports are arranged in most of the resorts there.

Underwater photography

If you enjoy doing photography then you can also do underwater photography in Maldives. These places are quite good for underwater photography because under the water in Maldives you will get to see so many varieties of coral reefs and fish that you may have seen elsewhere before. For such type of photographing cameras are also easily available here.

Submarine (submarine)

Submarines have been introduced into the water to thrill the Maldives. This is German submarine through which you can see the underwater world. You can enjoy a completely air-conditioned atmosphere there with your family or friends.

Whale and dolphin

If you want to see the world’s heaviest fish whale, then Maldives will help you to show this view. The Maldives is counted among the five best places in the world to view whales and dolphins.

How to Reach To Maldives

For Indian tourists they can take a direct flight from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala to the capital Male. Some flights have been started for Male from Delhi to Colombo. Some international flights are also have via Mumbai. Not too much fare.

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