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How to weight loss fast

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When your weight increases beyond the limits, you start looking for ways to lose weight (Remedies Lose Weight). Many people follow the weight loss diet, then many people work with home remedies to lose weight, but when the result does not come out, then people start exercising to lose weight.

Maintenance weight improves your personality even more. But on the other hand, people think the increasing weight is spoiling their lifestyle.

People to lose weight, they follow





To weight loss fast you have to improve your lifestyle and some eating habits, so that you can reduce your weight easily and naturally in no time. There is also a need for foods that are supposed to improve metabolism.

You can choose these from the following things to lose weight.

Apple vinegar

Green tea

Black pepper

Honey and lemon

Cinnamon honey tea


Apple cider

Apple cider vinegar still life

Apple cider vinegar helpful in weight loss

When we talk about fast weight loss, the name of apple vinegar or apple cider vinegar comes first. Apple vinegar is helpful in burning body fat.

Apple cider vinegar should be mixed with a spoon in a glass of water for weight loss. To lose weight fast, consuming one spoon of honey with apple vinegar is more beneficial.

Green Tea

Green Tea in a Cup.

 Green Tea for Weight Loss

If you are upset with the increasing weight, then you do not have to worry anymore. Green tea has to be included in your daily diet for about 2 weeks. Weight loss is the highest intake of green tea. You can consume green tea at least 2 to three times a day.

Honey and Lemon

 Honey and Lemon for Weight Loss

By the way, this recipe is the oldest to lose weight. There is no anything like of honey and lemon to lose weight fast. Both honey and lemon help to burn body fat faster.

Lemon and honey are two foods that contain weight loss compounds. Both vitamin C and lipid reduction foods are beneficial in fast weight loss.

Black Pepper Loses Weight

Black pepper is used most during the winter season. Black pepper consumption helps in reducing weight. For losing weight fast you should drink  black pepper decoction in winter which helps to reduce belly fat weight rapidly.

Actually pepper has a compound called piperine. Weight loss requires metabolicism to burn fat. Piperine leads to improved metabolic rate and rapid weight loss.

Cinnamon honey tea

Whenever there is talk to reduce belly fat burn and obesity, the name of cinnamon honey tea comes first. Those who want to lose weight fast; they should definitely eat cinnamon honey tea with their healthy diet. Such tea loses weight very fast.


Water is the best natural source for losing weight fast

Before eating food or when you feel hunger, you should drink water just before it. This is a natural way to burn fat.

Weight Loss Precautions You Shouldn’t Ignore

To maintain your body frame while losing weight. You should not ignore that losing weight often leads to a lack of protein; this also reduces your muscles. You should  need protein suitable for your body, otherwise you can also take cheese, egg whites.

Weight loss shakes smoothie recipe

Weight loss shakes smoothie recipe

Home Remedies for Weight Loss:

Protein diet is very important in weight loss. Protein base diet can be reduced by about two kg of weight in a month. If a protein shake is taken after post work out, then its positive results are seen. Protein is needed not only in body building but also in weight loss programs. Protein shakes should be taken after workouts, but the protein shakes found in the market are also expensive and sometimes fake. In this case, it would be right to make protein shake at home. Many times protein shake is not formed in the right way and in the right proportion. You can also make protein powder and keep it in any shake to fulfill the protein requirement. So let’s know how to make this protein shake and what will be required for it.

How to make protein powder at home

Ingredients: 100 grams almonds 100 grams soybeans 100 grams peanuts 100 grams milk powder

Finely grind all these things in a mixer grinder. You can drink this protein powder by putting it on any shake. If desired, drink it mixed with empty milk also. All the protein needs will be fulfilled. You can use it for 15 to 20 days in an airtight container.

Know the right way to take home made protein shake

Drink it with a glass of milk twice a day in the morning and evening. It can be drunk post workout and before bedtime.

Gym goers or any other type of exercise can take 5 to 6 teaspoons of this powder.

Milk can be given only 3 to 4 teaspoons to children.

The elderly will also take 4 to 5 teaspoons of this powder in a day, so their bones will be deficient in calcium.

Pregnant women should also take 4 to 5 teaspoons of this powder.

By taking two to three teaspoons of protein powder, women get relief from periods.

How to use protein powder in shake

Banana Shake: Grind one banana in a glass of milk. Add honey and about four teaspoons of protein shake.

Berries Shake: Grind blue and red berries. You can drink it by mixing it in milk or directly by adding protein powder to it.

Plum and Veggie Shake: To prepare the plum and veggie shake, grind it by adding broccoli, a banana, plum, olive oil and protein powder to the milk.

So you should also take advantage of the easy protein shake at home.

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