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E sim card

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Nowadays E -SIM card is the time, know what the advantages of using it are

Micro-and Nano-sized SIM cards are very small in size in form of ranging from traditional chip that have come on the market.

Micro-and Nano-sized SIM cards ranging from traditional chip to small size have come on the market. Now days these E-SIMS also can be used in Phones in addition to Smartphone.  E-SIM has been launched by all the telecom companies in the market. An E-SIM is an electronic or embedded SIM, which allows you to keep the telecom service running on the device without using a physical SIM on an E-SIM enabled mobile phone.

There is no need of afraid for losing E-SIM because it does not need a SIM tray to install in phones in it.  Its disadvantage is that, E SIM is more expensive than a normal SIM card. Apart from this, there are only a few smart phones that support E SIM.

Not more than one sim will work

However, E SIM is very useful for those users ‘who use more than one SIM in mobile, then they will be able to use only one SIM.

Service providers can change without changing the phone

For those users who want to use E-SIM they can easily change their service provider without changing the phone. E-SIM is easily downloadable. While traveling internationally, you can easily select E-SIM card.

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