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Best Investment plans in India for the financial year 2021

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If you are going to invest your money in this new year 2021, then we will give you this information with the whole research in which sectors, where the risk is very low and you will get high return

A review of how you fulfilled your financial obligations in the last year is also necessary. In the New Year, based on your past experiences, you can make decisions to improve your financial health and for this you can also choose the option accordingly. The best way is to choose diversified options for investment and keep the right and mix options in the investment portfolio for maximum returns.

There are  a lot of multiple Investment  companies and sectors for investing Money in India and each one has different Investment plans to offer. Primarily, if someone is going to Investment his money he should keep in mind that Investment is entirely based on individual needs and priorities. Before investing, it is very important to compare the sector in which you are investing your money. Otherwise you can lose. Here at we are providing right and best information based on researches about it committed to give you right and best information. So that you get to enjoy maximum benefits out of them:

1.   Fixed Income (Debt Fund)

Fixed income is also known as debt fund. Debt funds are an option to perform well in terms of stable, liquid and tax liability. They get better returns from FDs. Debt funds are the choice of most people. It can be easily chosen according to your need. It is available for duration of 1–15 days (liquid) to 5–10 years (long term bond funds). Like a recurring deposit (RD), debt funds can be invested through SIPs. There is also the facility of liquidity with better returns.

2. Commodities (Gold, Platinum and Silver)

The golden rule of investing in commodities is to invest in gold. It has been made for the past several years and it remains intact. Gold can be an essential asset in the investment portfolio. This will also help you to fight against inflation. Whenever we see global uncertainty, the gold prices start increasing rapidly. Jewelry demand, apart from being included in the investors’ portfolios, holds the central gold reserves of every country.

During the last three years the gold rate in India recorded the sharpest increase .

Gold price in 2017

In 2017 year the gold rate was more or less stable and range bound in rupee terms.

Opening price (1st Jan 2017) Rs 27,570

Closing price (31st Dec.2017) Rs 29,165

High (4th Sept.2017) Rs 30,282

Low (1st Jan 2017) RS 27,570

Gold price in 2018

During this year the gold rate volatility in the commodity market of gold due to fluctuating rupee/dollar rate, and volatility in the global stock market.

Opening price (1st Jan 2018) Rs 29,162

Closing price (31st Dec.2018) Rs 31,391

High (4th Sept.2018) Rs 32,072

Low (1st Jan 2018) RS 29,162

Gold price in 2019

In this year the market of gold commodity reached at a high level record which was the strongest year since 2010.Such bullish trend was due to the uncertain global economy and falling US bonds yields. The reason for the high level of gold rate that was the weaker rupee against the dollar.

Opening price (1st Jan 2019) Rs 31,422

Closing price (31st Dec.2019) Rs 39,092

High (4th Sept.2019) Rs 39,823

Low (1st Jan 2019) RS 31,422

In India during the year 2019 comparatively the annual average gold rate is 12{782777922366e731287ee264f3fd40868f871952092df776411b778885b80072} higher than in 2018.

Gold price in 2020

3. National Pension System (NPS)

The National Pension System (nps) has performed well in the last few years. The very low fee structure also makes it an attractive investment option. It is the best scheme in the country among market-related products. Due to changes in withdrawal rules and additional tax-exemptions, it has also joined the investor’s choice.

Under this scheme you can partial withdrawal  for your children in education,thier marriage, home building or purchasing or in the event of a medical emergency. However, even after retirement, it is important for you to remain invested. It is actually a combination of stocks, FDs, corporate bonds, liquid funds and government investment options.

4.  The Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS) Post Office, this scheme is the preferred source of investment for the retired people. It is the best plan for getting a regular income after retirement. Any investors who are above 60 years of age, although for army person who is retired from army for them there is no age limit.  One can invest a maximum of Rs 15 lac in multiples of Rs 1,000. The scheme earns interest every quarter. The duration of investing money under this scheme is till five years, but its time period can be extended for three years. SCSS has an interest rate of 7.45 per cent for the April-June quarter, which is much higher than any other fixed return scheme.

5. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) The PMVVY scheme can be purchased both offline and online from LIC, the country’s largest insurance company. The term of the policy is 10 years and for the policies sold during the first financial year i.e It means you will get a return of 7.40{782777922366e731287ee264f3fd40868f871952092df776411b778885b80072},if you invest in this scheme by 31st March 2021. Depending on the amount invested in the Senior Citizens Scheme, If you invest a minimum pension of Rs 1,000 per month , you will get up to Rs 9,250 per month. If  husband and wife jointly invest in this scheme ,conditionally  above 60 years of age, then they can get a maximum monthly pension of up to Rs 18,500 on an investment of Rs 30 lac.

6. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP or SIP) If  you are interested to invest your money in equity or share market , then you must put a certain amount every month in your preferred Mutual Fund scheme. Investment through SIPs in mutual funds has increased rapidly in the last few years.


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